ASF Brisbane : Reinstate Domino's Pizza Drivers Wages

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ASF Brisbane : Reinstate Domino's Pizza Drivers Wages

ASF Brisbane has initiated a campaign against Domino’s Pizza for recently slashing workers wages by 19%, overnight, calling for the reinstatement of the workers wages.

“This proactive approach is about ensuring we our operating our business ethically and in the best interests of our valuable team members,” a statement from chief executive Don Meij in regard an audit on driver wages held in February.

It appears Domino’s only uses these words it doesn’t mean them.

Join with the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation and show solidarity to our members and other Domino’s Pizza workers who have lost 19% of their wage on Monday 14th of May, 4pm outside their offices at Level 8, 240 Sandgate Rd, Albion in Brisbane, Queensland.

Dominos have cut the wages for delivery drivers by 19% affecting ASF members and thousands of delivery drivers across the country.

We are organising this meeting for action on Dominos Pizza to reinstate the wages of delivery drivers who have only been informed via a notice in their in-store roster and notice board that their wages are suddenly cut back by 19%.

1/5th of their wage, gone, overnight.

This is a call to stand up to protect casual labour which is being attacked by those in power as it is seen as being a weak target for cut backs. We will be planning actions both locally, nationally and internationally to reinstate the wages of our comrades.

Rates for workers under 21 now range from $8.96 to $15.15 hourly, where it had been paying as much as $18.82 an hour. In-store Domino’s workers casual adult pay rate is $20.86 an hour in comparison**.

This has wider implications with Restaurant and Caterers Association director Greg Parkes planning to make a submission and application to Fair Work Australia asking for the award system and penalty rates to be reconsidered, of course in favour of the bosses*.

This isn’t about “Australia’s ability to compete”, this is about Australian workers. This is about a corporation who

We will meet outside Level 8, 240 Sandgate Rd, Albion in Brisbane, Queensland at 4pm, bring your groups, friends, family, banners or just yourself.

All workers welcome, all workers needed.

The workers should not have to pay for the bosses mistakes.

You can find the Facebook page for the campaign here

You can find the Facebook Event here