Joining the ASF-IWA

The ASF-IWA has currently 6 Affiliates & 5 Initiatives.

If you or your workers organisation are interested in joining the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation, our meetings are once a month where all workers are welcome, just email us for more information

Being a member of the ASF does not require you to be an anarchist but to simply agree to work within the Aims Principles and Statutes upon which we organise.


#19 ASF Canberra[email protected] or message ASF Canberra on Facebook

#2 ASF Melbourne[email protected] or message ASF Melbourne on Facebook

#20 ASF North West Tasmania[email protected] or message ASF North West Tasmania on Facebook

#17 ASF Perth[email protected] or

#21 ASF Sydney[email protected] or message ASF Sydney on Facebook


ASF Brisbane

ASF Adelaide Initiative

ASF Townsville

Hospitality Workers Initiative

ASF Singapore Initiative