Joining the ASF-IWA

The ASF-IWA has currently 7 Affiliates & 4 Initiatives. The affiliates are ASF Brisbane (ASF-B) in Queensland, ASF Melbourne (ASF-M) in Victoria, ASF Canberra in the A.C.T., ASF North West Tasmania based in Ulverstone, ASF Sydney as well as Telecommunications Workers Association and ASF Perth (ASF-P) in Western Australia. The Initiatives are ASF Adelaide Initiative, ASF Townsville InitiativeASF Singapore InitiativeASF Geelong InitiativeASF Manila InitiativeASF Hobart Initiative and Hospitality Workers Initiative based in Melbourne.

If you or your workers organisation are interested in joining the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation, our meetings are once a month where all workers are welcome, just email us for more information

Being a member of the ASF does not require you to be an anarchist but to simply agree to work within the Aims Principles and Statutes upon which we organise.



#15 ASF Brisbane[email protected] or message ASF Brisbane Facebook Page

#19 ASF Canberra[email protected] or message ASF Canberra Facebook Page

#2 ASF Melbourne[email protected] or message ASF Melbourne Facebook Page

#20 ASF North West Tasmania[email protected] or message ASF North West Tasmania Facebook Page

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#18 Telecommunications Workers Association[email protected] or message the Telecommunications Workers Association Facebook Page



ASF Adelaide Initiative

ASF Townsville

Hospitality Workers Initiative

ASF Singapore Initiative