Schism; division.

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Schism; division.
Make way for the fucken FAI.

By ~vidak.

Schism; division. Sometimes it is actually quite a good thing. Isn't it true?

Perhaps sometimes we should think like a doctor: shouldn't diseases and infections be cast out from the body? And, in a diagnostic spirit, surely we can also say that we will, first, do no harm?

And, if being 'smaller, but correct', instead of 'large, and ineffective' is similarly more virtuous, why can't we apply this thinking to our politics? I am not the least afraid of being accused of being a sectarian or an ultra-leftist!

Should I direct this discussion into a more personal vein? When have I ever failed to advocate for ideological or propagandistic clarity? I have perhaps wavered on the question of the form in which communism is to be delivered, but never on the necessity for social revolution!

In any case, have your wits about you. Cast out those from your lives who spread toxic hate and needless division.

Be intolerant of the intolerant!